Friday, March 18, 2011

Winter In Beijing - December 2010

Our family trip for 2010 is Beijing - China. 
Beijing has a cold, dry and long winter from early November to the next March. The nearly five months' winter is very cold although sunny days prevail. The average temperature in December, January and February would be lower than 0 C (32 F). Be sure to bring winter clothes, including wool sweaters and thick down coats. A winter journey to Beijing may be a shock to visitors from tropical countries.
Here the journey....:)

 Day 1 -  Airport, City Centre, Tian'men Square And Forbidden City


Day 2 -  Great Wall, Rose Valley Ski Resort And  Hard Rock Cafe


Day 3 - Summer Palace, Madian Mosque And Bird Nest Stadium

Day 4 - Silk Market, The City , Niujie Mosque And Acrobatic Show

Day 5 (Last day) - Airplane, Bird Eye View